About Catlike Coding

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I'm Jasper Flick, a Dutch independent software developer living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Catlike Coding is my business. I make stuff with Unity and create websites.

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Catlike Coding Portfolio

Here's the cool stuff I've made that's not hush-hush.
Created Text Box, which is my ultimate text solution for Unity, because everything else sucks. It's available on the Unity Asset Store. Combined with my free Distance Map Generator, you can make absolutely awesome text.

Created NumberFlow, a visual editor for procedural textures in Unity. Because I don't want to use an external tool.

Written multiple Unity C# Tutorials to help people start with Unity scripting. I continue to write more, when I find the time.

Created a silly little iOS game, Oh Shoot! It was my first Unity test project, to see how much performance I could get out of a Unity game running on a 1st generation iOS device. Quite a lot, actually.

Created and provide support for three web shops, De Scrapotheek, de Haakbaak, and Wolhalla. These web shops needed to be accessible to totally nontechnical people and support very old browsers.

Created Adept Press, a WordPress website for Ron Edwards, who is kind of a celebrity in the indie tabletop RPG business.

Obviously, I made this website as well.

AnyDice is an online dice probability calculator and is available as a free web app. It's the best tool available for working with dice odds. It runs on a PHP back-end and a HTML with jQuery front-end.

Personal Chronology

2013–foreseeable future
Back to full-time Catlike Coding, doing things I love! Released NumberFlow and Text Box 2.
Worked at INDG as a lead developer for Unity-related projects, including Room Builder and Philips TV Buying Guide Mobile. Still worked for Catlike Coding too, but at a drastically reduced rate. Created de Haakbaak.
Left Capgemini, founded Catlike Coding, made cool stuff!
Worked for Capgemini, a big consulting company. I did design and development work for business-critical software for multiple large financial institutions. Saved the world a few times.
Studied Computer Science at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam and got a Master degree. Worker there as a teacher assistant for various teachers between 2000 and 2005. I mainly taught programming, formal languages, and database theory. Also did a lot of work for a student organization called STORM. Created the initial versions of Wolhalla and De Scrapotheek.
Attended the Geert Grootte College in Amsterdam.
I was a child.
You can also view my LinkedIn profile.