Oh Shoot!

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W and S to move the left cannon. D to use its repeller.

Move the mouse to move the right cannon. Click to use its repeller.

Space to pause.

Repellers convert a point from the cannon's score multiplier into a short force burst that pushes stuff away from the cannon. It's tricky to use, but you lose your entire score multiplier if you get hit, so it's worth it.

In hard core mode you're not immune to your own bullets, which makes it a lot harder to stay alive.


This was my first serious Unity project. Everything except the music is made by me. It was a test to see how fast I could create a Unity game and how well it could perform on a 1st generation iOS device. It's actually still on my old iPod Touch. Turns out you can get very good performance, if you know what you're doing. Of course, nowadays we have far more powerful devices, but I did learn a whole lot about Unity while creating this game.