Jasper Flick

Tabletop Role-Playing Game Master


I'm a Dutch guy living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

I've been a game master—also know as a dungeon master, story guide, and other titles depending on the game—since the year 2000.

I like to play more and meet new people. Want to try a game of tabletop role-playing? Unable to find a game master? Let me know! Maybe we can arrange something. I use English as the default language, because that's the language of the games and there are many expat players in Amsterdam. But Dutch is fine too!

The group size can be between four and six people, including you and me. The others can be your friends, family, fellow students, colleagues, roomies, neighbors, whoever, as long as they're nice and interested in collaborative play. Someone has to provide a place to play. It has to be in Amsterdam, nonsmoking, and quiet enough that we can comfortably talk to each other.

Currently (2019), I'm interested in playing 13th Age, 13th Age Glorantha, Dungeon World, Numenera, and Shadow of the Demon Lord. I know other games too, but these are the ones I want to play now. 13th Age for high-fantasy heroics. The Glorantha variant for the same, but in that mythical world. Dungeon World for fast and loose adventuring. Numenera for exploration and building a community. Shadow of the Demon Lord for the struggles of random folk in an unforgiving world.

I also host sessions during some of the monthly Amsterdam meetups of the Netherlands Roleplaying Guild. You can register to join one of my games or send me a message.

Happy Gaming!