NumberFlow, using the inspector

Besides the editor window, NumberFlow diagrams also have an inspector which you can use to configure the diagram and export images.
Inspector showing all options.
Is Cubemap

Whether the diagram is for cubemaps. If enabled, all outputs are treated as cubemaps by the diagram material manager and when exporting.

Preview Direction

Which cubemap direction to preview.

Preview Type

Whether the cubemap preview should be shown from the inside or the outside. For example, use inside for skyboxes and outside for planets.

Derivative Scale

Derivatives are used to compute the rate of change of some value. By default, the used delta covers one pixel. Specifically, it's 1 / max(width, height) of the texture being filled. Increasing the delta has a blurring effect, but can produce banding artifacts due to overlap. Decreasing it has a sharpening effect, but can produces artifacts due to numerical precision issues.

Only the cubemap normal node uses derivatives.

Preview and Default Texture Size, Width and Height
Width and height to use for the preview in the editor window. Also used as the default width and height when filling a texture via scripts.
Preview Tiling, Horizontally and Vertically
Whether to tile the preview image.
Animate Preview
Whether to animate the preview image. Animation is suppressed while in play mode. When enabled, another option is shown.
Input Name
Name of the input node to use for animation of the preview. The float value of this node will be linked to the time.
Function Libraries
This is an array for custom function libraries, useful to add make more node types available to the diagram.
Export Width and Height
Width and height to use when exporting to PGN via the inspector. Cubemap faces are always square, they ignore the height setting.
Export Animation
Whether to export an animation, which will produce one PNG file per frame per output. When enabled, more options are shown.
Amount of frames to export. They are exported as numbered PNG images.
Whether to automatically adjust the animate-to value to produce a perfect loop, assuming the from and to values produce the same image.
Input Name
Name of the input node to use for the export animation. The float value of this node will be linked to the time.
Float value to use for the first frame.
Float value to use for the last frame.
Export to PNG

Exports the diagram to PNG images. Each output gets its own image.

Cubemaps are exported as a row of cubemap faces in one image. Their order is positive X, negative X, positive Y, negative Y, positive Z, and negative Z. Unity can import this format.

Open Editor
Opens the editor window.