NumberFlow, output nodes

These nodes are used to define diagram outputs. There are two types.
Requires a color to define the output.
Requires a float to define the output. All color channels of the output will be set to this value.


Output nodes have additional settings that can be configured via the selection panel.
The name of the output will be used by diagram material managers to link the textures to the appropriate shader properties.
Whether the output texture is ARGB, RGB, Alpha only, or a normal map.
Whether the preview shows colors plus transparency, RGB only, or Alpha only. This is only applicable for ARGB and normal map output types.

Normal Maps

Normal map outputs interpret the alpha channel as a height map and compute normals by comparing the difference between pixels. A height of one corresponds to the width of the output texture.

The normals are generated with a postprocessing filter which is applied after a texture has been filled.

Normal map outputs are not supported for cubemap diagrams.

Normal maps have two extra options.

Whether to use sharp or smooth filtering. Smooth filtering is slower, it uses the Sobel operator.
How strong the normals should be. The height field is multiplied by this value before the normals are computed.