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Hex Map

Project and Tutorials

This page covers the Hex Map project, which is a continuation of the Hex Map tutorial series in project form. The original series was created with Unity versions 5 up to 2017.

The project has been upgrade to use Unity 2021 and URP and Unity 2022 starting at version 3.0.0. From now on the project will be updated with releases, each of which will have an accompanying tutorial guiding you through all changes. Like proper releases, they are fixed and will never be altered—except for fixing typos—instead new releases will follow. The first few releases didn't have tutorials, but I just added them.

The project repository contains all releases. The master branch has the bleeding-edge code of yet unreleased versions already in it, if available.

You can work through the original tutorial series or start at a release version of your choice and work from there, browsing older tutorials for any explanations that you need. 2.2.0 is a good starting point. The released tutorials are listed from highest to lowest version.

  1. 3.1.0 Condensing Hex Values
  2. 3.0.0 No More Cell GOs
  3. 2.3.0 Leaner Cells
  4. 2.2.0 Cell Visuals Upgrade
  5. 2.1.0 Code Cleanup
  6. 2.0.0 URP