Catlike Coding


A series about understanding Unity's default rendering pipeline. How a mesh turns into pixels that look like real objects. Note that this covers the built-in legacy pipeline, which is on its way out. The concepts and techniques are still useful to know, but the specific approaches can be considered deprecated.

  1. Matrices
  2. Shader Fundamentals
  3. Combining Textures
  4. The First Light
  5. Multiple Lights
  6. Bumpiness
  7. Shadows
  8. Reflections
  9. Complex Materials
  10. More Complexity
  11. Transparency
  12. Semitransparent Shadows
  13. Deferred Shading
  14. Fog
  15. Deferred Lights
  16. Static Lighting
  17. Mixed Lighting
  18. Realtime GI and LOD Groups
  19. GPU Instancing
  20. Parallax