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CatlikeCoding.NumberFlow.DiagramOutput Class Reference

Configuration for diagram outputs. More...

Public Member Functions

void GenerateNormalMap (int width, int height, Color[] pixels, DiagramNormalFormat normalFormat)
 Generate a normal map. More...

Public Attributes

string name
 Output name. Should match a shader variable when used with a Diagram Texture Manager. More...
DiagramNode node
 Corresponding diagram node. More...
int nodeIndex
 Index of the corresponding diagram output node. More...
DiagramTextureNormalFiltering normalFiltering
 Normal filter mode. More...
DiagramPreviewType previewType
 Preview type. More...
float strength
 Normal strength. More...
Texture2D texture
 Generated texture. More...
DiagramTextureType type
 Texture type. More...

Detailed Description

Configuration for diagram outputs.

Member Function Documentation

void CatlikeCoding.NumberFlow.DiagramOutput.GenerateNormalMap ( int  width,
int  height,
Color[]  pixels,
DiagramNormalFormat  normalFormat 

Generate a normal map.

pixelsPixel buffer.
normalFormatNormal format.

Member Data Documentation


Output name. Should match a shader variable when used with a Diagram Texture Manager.

DiagramNode CatlikeCoding.NumberFlow.DiagramOutput.node

Corresponding diagram node.

int CatlikeCoding.NumberFlow.DiagramOutput.nodeIndex

Index of the corresponding diagram output node.

DiagramTextureNormalFiltering CatlikeCoding.NumberFlow.DiagramOutput.normalFiltering

Normal filter mode.

DiagramPreviewType CatlikeCoding.NumberFlow.DiagramOutput.previewType

Preview type.

float CatlikeCoding.NumberFlow.DiagramOutput.strength

Normal strength.

Texture2D CatlikeCoding.NumberFlow.DiagramOutput.texture

Generated texture.

DiagramTextureType CatlikeCoding.NumberFlow.DiagramOutput.type

Texture type.